Click the link below to enroll. Class sizes are limited.

NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 15  (6 classes)
* no classes held during Thanksgiving and Christmas break*

available classes

Basic : Tuesdays from 4pm-5pm | $90

class dates: Nov 1, Nov 8, Nov 15, Nov 29, Dec 6, Dec 13

Basic : Thursdays from 4pm-5pm | $90

class dates: Nov 3, Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15

Experienced : Tuesday & Thursday from 5pm-6pm I $180 

Class Dates: Nov 1, Nov 3, Nov 8, Nov 10, Nov 15, Nov 17, Nov 29

                          Dec 1, Dec 6, Dec 8, Dec 13, Dec 15 

Class Perks

- During class up to two siblings can jump for free, any additional jumpers will be 50% off.

- Students can come use the gym for 50% off anytime during the course.

- If class is ever cancelled  we will give out jump passes for the students to use at their convenience.


The parkour program is recommended for ages 8+. Ages for class levels will have exceptions for those with previous experience in parkour.

If you have an older child with no prior parkour experience (athletic or not) we encourage them to start with the basic class. Each class builds upon the previous class, so learning the basics is essential! 

In all classes we include what we’re calling “workshop time” where students are given time to ask coaches to help them learn moves they are interested in.

For example: Matt age 9 in a beginners class would like to learn a standing back tuck. Despite not teaching flips in basics class, workshop time is when Matt can get some one on one coaching to help achieve his goal.


-Best suited for ages 8-10 and/or students with no parkour experience.

-Basics will cover basic parkour concepts.

-Rolls, Precision jumps, Balance, Basic vaults: (Safety, Kong, Lazy and Thief), Climb ups, Cat grabs, Tick Tacks, and more.

1 hour/1x a week


- Students need permission from coaches in order to advance to this level. 

- Builds upon the concepts learned in the basic class. 

-Best suited for those who are ages 11+

-Minimum height of 54 inches

- A more open and “Workshop” oriented class with lots of time to be creative with movement.

- Work towards more advanced moves such as double vaults, cast movements, handstand moves, flips, advanced bar movements and much much more.

1 hour/2x a week